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July 2017

Iced_Chai_Golden_Milk _Recipe

Iced Chai Golden Milk Recipe

Published July 25, 2017 | by Forest Whole Foods

If you haven’t tried Iced Chai Golden Milk then you have to give this restorative recipe a go. If you miss your warming golden milk in the summer but can’t […]

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Tiger Nuts are Back

Published July 18, 2017 | by Forest Whole Foods

Tiger Nuts are Back and you have to try them. “What on earth are tiger nuts?!” was the question I found myself asking when I was told ‘Tiger Nuts are […]

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Organic News

Published July 17, 2017 | by Forest Whole Foods

Want to know the latest from the organic world? Here is our latest snippet of organic news for 2017. What are Neonicotinoids and will they be banned? After millions of pounds […]

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Benefits of a Whole Food Diet?

Published July 13, 2017 | by Forest Whole Foods

One of our lovely part-time packers Jake shares his new found knowledge of plant based life… The term ‘Whole Foods’ can seem confusing but it basically means foods that are […]

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