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How To Recycle Our Bags

We know that recycling can feel like a minefield, so we have made it as easy as possible. When we research and review packaging options we always think about where […]

Tahini Sauce Recipe

There is nothing more satisfying than a rich sauce using tahini.  This sauce gives your meal a wonderful creaminess and is perfect added to any plant-based/vegan recipe. Getting addicted to […]

Organic Ashwagandha ‘Moon Milk’ Recipe

Have you every tried Organic Ashwagandha? Have a go at this delicious moonmilk using our organic ashwagandha. Looking for a calming bedtime drink or a tonic for those stressful moments? […]

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We care deeply about our footprint as a company.  We want to be as environmentally conscious as possible and we know our customers care as much as we do about […]

Puffed Buckwheat Bars

Do you need a healthy treat idea that hits the spot and is rich in nutrients? These puffed buckwheat bars have it all – taste, texture, chocolate and dense nutrition.  […]