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Buckwheat and Hemp Porridge

Have you ever tried a twist on your normal porridge?  Buckwheat flakes make a great nutritious alternative to oats. This buckwheat and hemp porridge is so much more than your […]

Chocolate Puff Granola

If you struggle to find time to eat breakfast then this will make it a whole lot easier… Porridge is great but sometimes something tasty and quick to prepare like […]

Rose and Cacao Cookie Recipe

Have you tried tiger nuts before? Have you ever heard of tiger nut flour?  If you are not familiar with these delicious little tubers then it is time to try […]

The Brazil Nut Harvest That Spiked Prices

Brazil Nuts – Forest Whole Foods Market Update If you are a big fan of Brazil Nuts you must have had a nasty surprise last year when the prices went […]

Is Organic Really Better?

If you are an advocate of organic food, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing the latest headline claiming organic food is ‘no better’. Organic shopping costs more in most cases […]