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Triphala Moon Milk Recipe

Have you tried an Ayurvedic approach before? Organic Triphala Powder is a delicious blend of Indian Botanicals. This organic triphala moon milk recipe is the easiest and quickest way to use […]

Spiced Pumpkin Latte Recipe

Have you tried Ashwaganda before? This is a great tasty recipe to use this miracle Ayurvedic herb. This creamy, warming Spiced Pumpkin Latte Recipe is perfect for Autumn as we get […]

Turmeric Ginger Shot Recipe

Turmeric Shot VS Gin and Tonic? Summer is here and you have a few choices.  We know which one is particularly luring on a Friday night but Nicky is here […]

Iced Chai Golden Milk Recipe

If you haven’t tried Iced Chai Golden Milk then you have to give this restorative recipe a go. If you miss your warming golden milk in the summer but can’t […]

Plant Based Protein – Where do you get yours?

“But where do you get your protein?” The question every vegan or vegetarian gets asked daily. The simple answer? Plants. Plant Based Protein – Where do you get yours?  Getting […]