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Turmeric Falafal Ball Recipe

If you like doing batch cooking that can be frozen for another day…you have to try these! These turmeric falafal balls are such a perfect start to a plate full […]

Chocolate Puff Granola

If you struggle to find time to eat breakfast then this will make it a whole lot easier… Porridge is great but sometimes something tasty and quick to prepare like […]

Tahini Sauce Recipe

There is nothing more satisfying than a rich sauce using tahini.  This sauce gives your meal a wonderful creaminess and is perfect added to any plant-based/vegan recipe. Getting addicted to […]

Homemade Houmous with Chilli Chutney

Who doesn’t love Houmous? Houmous (Hummus) is so easy to make and is a great accompaniment to so many meals.  Our favourite meal is a delicious tagine and houmous makes […]

Grated Apple and Coconut Porridge Recipe

Have you tried grated apple in porridge before? This is a lovely simple way to add natural sweetness and nutrition into your breakfast routine. This grated apple and coconut porridge […]