Organic Quinoa Flour

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Organic Quinoa Flour is great combined with other alternative flours.

Organic Quinoa Flour is made from ground quinoa seed.  Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a source of protein so is a popular choice with vegans and vegetarians.  It contains all the essential amino acids needed for human nutrition.

Quinoa flour has many uses. It can be added to smoothies for extra protein nutrition or added to oats for extra thickness.

Quinoa is a ‘pseudo-grain’ which means that although we use it as a grain it is actually a seed.   This means quinoa flour is higher in nutrients and protein than most grain flours.  Quinoa flour is a source of Folate, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper and Manganese (per 90g serving).

Organic quinoa flour has been a staple food for thousands of years. It works well in a wide range of sweet and savoury recipes.

We also stock whole organic white quinoa, organic red quinoa and organic black quinoa.  If you want to try all three then choose our organic tricolor quinoa.

Ingredients: Organic Quinoa

Origin: Peru

Allergen Information: Packed on premises that handle gluten, tree nuts, sesame, soya, peanuts.


Nutritional Information

Typical Nutrient Values: Amount per 100g: % Reference intake (RI) per 100g Amount per serving
% Reference intake (RI) per serving
Energy 1539kj/368kcal 18.4% 385kj/92kcal 4.6%
Fat 6.1g 8.71% 1.53g 2.19%
of which saturates 0.7g 3.5% 0.18g 0.9%
Carbohydrate 64.2g 24.69% 16.05g 6.17%
of which sugars 1.3g 1.44% 0.33g 0.37%
Fibre 7g 1.75g
Protein 14.1g 28.2% 3.53g 7.06%
Salt 0.01g 0.17% 0.003g 0.005%


For optimum freshness keep in a cool place away from moisture and direct sunlight.  Store in a tightly sealed bag or container.


Family Tip:

  1. Quinoa flour is ground down from a seed so its nutritional content makes it a great addition to recipes.
  2. We like to use this flour in combination with other alternative flours to add texture and flavour.
  3. This versatile ingredient works as an all purpose flour in most recipes, simply substitute wheat flour.