How To Recycle Our Bags

We know that recycling can feel like a minefield, so we have made it as easy as possible.

When we research and review packaging options we always think about where the bags will end up.  We want our packaging to be recycled easily, but there are a couple of issues our customers face.

Firstly, the UK does not have a standardised curbside collection – all areas are different and function in varying ways.  Secondly the label material affects whether the whole bag is recycled.

We can’t change the recycling infrastructure but we can change our labels, so this is our latest move.  We now have peelable labels that easily pull back from the bag.  They have a handy peelable corner icon to remind you that it needs to be removed before you recycle your bag.


We use OPRL who produce recycling icons for all major supermarkets to make recycling as quick and easy as possible.  They have created a special icon for us which is now on our label, it shows you where you can recycle your bag (check locally curbside or recycle with bags at larger stores).

We are always researching the best options for our packaging and are looking forward to plastic being a thing of the past, for now we are making recycling our bags as simple as possible.

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