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Our goal is to provide honest, natural and
organic food that doesn’t cost the earth.

We simply aim to work as a family and spread the word that natural,
healthy food is an easy choice which is better for us, farmers and the natural world

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  • organic sunflower seed 1kg
    Organic Sunflower Seeds

    Organic EU Sunflower Seeds

    From: £2.98
    (£2.98 inc. VAT)
  • organic pumpkin seeds
    Organic Pumpkin Seeds AA

    Organic Pumpkin Seeds

    From: £4.39
    (£4.39 inc. VAT)
  • organic unblanched almonds
    Organic Unblanched Almonds

    Organic Unblanched Almonds

    From: £3.99
    (£3.99 inc. VAT)
  • organic chia seeds
    Organic Chia Seed

    Organic Chia Seeds

    From: £4.29
    (£4.29 inc. VAT)
  • organic walnut pieces 1kg
    Organic Walnut Pieces

    Organic Walnut Pieces

    From: £3.74
    (£3.74 inc. VAT)
  • organic dried apricots 1kg
    Organic Apricots

    Organic Dried Apricots

    From: £4.23
    (£4.23 inc. VAT)