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Organic Pecan Nuts

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Organic Pecan nuts are high in manganese.

Organic Pecans nuts are a decadent choice of nut with a sweet, creamy texture.  You can snack on them as they are or get creative with pecan pie, energy balls or a tasty porridge topping.

Organic Pecans nuts come from a large tree which can live to over 200 years old.  Native Americans first started harvesting wild pecans in the 1500’s and they have since been transplanted and grown worldwide, although the US is still the hub of the pecan world.

Organic Pecans are nutritious as well as delicious.  One 30g serving of organic pecans are high in protein, vitamin E, manganese, copper and a source of fibre and Vitamin B1.

We simply love organic pecans and although they cost a little more than other nuts, they are truly delicious.

If you want to try these tasty organic pecans without getting a whole bag then try our Organic Deluxe Mixed Nuts.

Ingredients: Organic Pecan Nuts

Origin: Mexico

Allergen Information: Packed on premises that handle gluten, tree nuts, sesame, soya, peanuts, celery, mustard

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Nutritional Information

Typical Nutrient Values: Amount per 100g:
Energy 2843kj/689kcal
Fat 70.1g
of which saturates 5.7g
Carbohydrate 5.8g
of which sugars 4.3g
Fibre 4.7g
Protein 9.2g
Salt 0.002g


For optimum freshness keep in a cool place away from moisture and direct sunlight.  Store in a tightly sealed bag or container.


Family Tip:

  1. Pecans are a bit special so we try not to change them too much. They make a tasty snack on their own or lightly toasted in the grill with a sprinkling of salt.
  2. They are also particularly tasty in baking recipes – pecan pie anyone?