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Organic Cornflour

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Organic Cornflour is a light powdery flour great for thickening.

Cornflour is perfect for thickening sauces without adding wheat flour to your meal.  Shop bought gravies and sauces are full of unhealthy ingredients, flavour enhancers and gluten containing flours.   Organic cornflour is a great staple to have in the cupboard and makes a perfect base for gravy on your Sunday roast.

If you like being creative and avoiding chemicals on your skin then check out our family tips for ways to make your own deodorant and blusher using cornflour!

Because it has thickening and binding properties corn flour can be used in the place of eggs in vegan cooking.  It can also be used in breads, cakes and pancakes for a gluten free alternative to traditional wheat based flours .  Corn flour works well combined with other flours such as tigernut flouralmond flour or buckwheat flour.

Our organic corn flour is completely free of GMO corn and is not irradiated so makes a healthy alternative to non-organic cornflour.  If you want to learn more about choosing organic read our blog on why organic is better.

Ingredients: Organic Corn

Origin: Netherlands / Italy

Allergen Information: Packed on premises that handle gluten, tree nuts, sesame, soya, peanuts.


Nutritional Information

Typical Nutrient Values: Amount per 100g:
Energy 1511kj/361kcal
Fat 3.86g
of which saturates 0.54g
Carbohydrate 69.55g
of which sugars 0.64g
Fibre 7.3g
Protein 6.93g
Salt 0.002g

Cooking Instructions

Simply stir into hot liquids until the thickness desired has been reached.



For optimum freshness keep in a cool place away from moisture and direct sunlight.  Store in a tightly sealed bag or container in the refrigerator.


Family Tip:

  1. Corn flour makes a great veggie gravy.  Simply use vegetable stock, salt, pepper and corn flour to thicken.
  2. It combines well with other flours for a lighter texture and you will find it in lots of gluten free recipes.
  3. If you don’t use eggs for allergy or ethical reasons then try mixing 1 tbsp of cornfour with 3 tbsp of water.
  4. If you want to avoid chemicals you can make your own blusher out of corn flour! Mix together ¼ cup of corn flour with 1-3 teaspoons of hibiscus powder, add more if you like it pinker.