Organic Goji Berries

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Organic Goji Berries are antioxidant rich.

Organic Goji berries are native to Asia and are surprisingly high in protein and vitamin C.  Sometimes referred to as wolfberries, these little red berries grow on vine like bushes. The taste of these Asian berries is sweet but tart, similar to cranberries.

Our goji berries are of the lycium barbarum variety grown in Qinghai a high-altitude Tibetan Plateau. This area has a premium environment for growing organic goji berries.

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They are sometimes called red diamonds, they love the hot summers and cold winters and have been grown here for over 600 years. The Qinghai regions crops are known for their therapeutic-grade berries which are used in Chinese medicine.

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Origin: China

Allergen Information: Packed on premises that handle gluten, tree nuts, sesame, soya, peanuts.


Nutritional Information

Organic Goji Berries are high in Vitamin A, Copper and Selenium (per 28g serving)

Typical Nutrient Values: Amount per 100g: % Reference intake (RI) per 100g Amount per serving
% Reference intake (RI) per serving
Energy 1460kj/349kcal 17.45% 409kj/98kcal 4.9%
Fat 0.39g 0.56% 0.11g 0.16%
of which saturates 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 64g 24.62% 17.92g 6.89%
of which sugars 45.6g 50.67% 12.77g 14.9%
Fibre 13g 3.64g
Protein 14.3g 28.6% 4g 8%
Salt 0.7g 11.67% 0.2g 3.33%

Reference Intake (RI)

The Reference Intake (RI) refers to the recommended daily amount of a specific nutrient.

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For optimum freshness keep in a cool place away from moisture and direct sunlight.  Store in a tightly sealed bag or container.


Family Tip:

  1. We use goji berries in the same way as raisins and add them to muesli, porridge or trail mix.
  2. You can soak goji berries to made a tasty juice and add the remaining fruit to smoothies or cereal.